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WOODLAND CARE assists landowners to avail of woodland development grants. These are available through the Irish Forest Service and cover the full cost of returning agricultural land to diverse, productive and beautiful natural woodlands. A compensation payment of €575-635 per ha over 15 years is also offered by the Forest Service to landowners who decide to convert agricultural land to woodland. We focus on the use of native species for both broadleaves plantations and native woodland regeneration. We aim to follow the development of each new woodland from planting stage to first thinning (10 to 15 years of age).


To landowners we offer:

  • Free site visit and advice
  • Full planning service
  • Organisation and supervision of all planting works
  • Four years maintenance service ( weed management , pruning)
  • Management report (required at year 10)
  • Assistance in the development of a range of early woodland
    products such as firewood, craft timber such as hurley butts , tree seed harvesting for nursery use, edible forest mushrooms.

Grant Aided Woodland Creation


Hardwoods plantations between 10 and 15 years of age need to be thinned in order to allow free growth for the best quality trees . This operation is essential if the long term quality hardwood the woodland is to be realised. Following fist thinning, regular thinning every five years will be necessary to maintain the young woodland in a dynamic stage with fast growth concentrated on the higher quality trees.

Alongside with quality growth the biodiversity of the woodland ecosystem will also increases as a consequence of the thinning regime. Currently a HARDWOOD FIRST THINNING GRANT of 750/ha is available to broadleaf woodland owner with plantations between 10 and 15 years of age approx.

Woodland care offer a specialist full package service to owners with hardwood plantations in need of thinning to include grant application, operational management (marking, felling, high pruning), timber extraction to roadside and timber marketing.


Grant Aided Thinning in Progress

Conifer plantations transformation management

"Woodland care ,in the last 10 years, has developed specific expertise in the transformation of young conifer plantations from plant/clear fell/replant monoculture system to Mixed-Species Permanent Woodlands by adopting PRO SILVA principles.


The results are vibrant Conifers /Broadleaves mixed woodlands able to generate an income through regular volumes of commercial quality timber while retaining Semi-Natural characteristics. This is possible by applying Close to Nature management principles : mimicking and harnessing forest natural process, tree natural regeneration ,the use of selective felling and species complementarity. Such productive, diverse, and resilient woodlands offer a great scope for multipurpose use and, most importantly, they will be best adapted to face the many Climatic (and market) challenges facing us in the next 50 years"


Conifer Plantation Transformation Management Photos: (clockwise) 1. Quality sawlog and firewood harvesting in Close to Nature Woodland 2 & 3. Pro Silva meeting 4. Selective felling in progress


WOODLAND CARE has been involved in several native woodland restoration projects and as a team we have developed a specific expertise in assisting the recovery of this unique and currently endangered habitat through sustainable management. FOREST SERVICE FUNDING IS CURRENTLY AVAILABE THROUGH THE NEWLY LAUNCHED NATIVE WOODLAND CONSERVATION SCHEME .See: this link.

To existing natural woodland owners we still offer:

  • Native Woodland Conservation Grant Scheme processing
  • Free site visit and advice
  • Full planning service
  • Thinning and understorey re spacing
  • Pruning and high pruning
  • Natural regeneration management
  • Coppice management
  • Tree planting


Ligntweight Macheniry in Woodland Restoration

Lightweight Machinery in Native Woodland Restoration

Oak Woodland Restoration

Oak group planting with deer protection tubes in native woodland restoration


Woodland Care designs and plants community and amenity woodlands where the use of informal wild flowers, native trees and fruit trees in a landscape setting is desired. In the last ten years we have designed and planted recreational woodlands for both County Councils and Private Estates. Here recreation and inspiration become the main objectives. The result is fruitful and beautiful full of seasonal colours and flavour.

Woodland Garden Creation

Woodland Garden Creation



free site visit and advice on existing woodland grants

CONTACT: Jonathan Spazzi BSc (hons) Forest Mangement , MSIF. East Clare. Tel 086 3408140 Contact Jonathan Here